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2017-08-16 [



7th International Students Forum at Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University would like to invite two TU Wien students who are interested to discuss about migration and give a presentation about the population movement. The course is going to be in English but it is required a conversational-level Japanese for daily life.

From 7 February to 16 February, 2018 (10 days) 

Participation Fee:

JPY 5.000 (About EUR 40)

Program outline

Title: "Disaster and movement of population-How to grasp and take action for the movement of the population”

The objective: These days, there are children that are suffering of bullying at schools because they moved from Fukushima due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. We can also observe migration from Middle East to Europe. The hazard of discrimination is becoming a global issue. In the 7th International Student Forum, students are going to discuss and learn by each other from many points of view about this issue.

Ochanomizu University would like to invite two TU Wien students during the period mentioned above. A scholarship may be provided for students with high academic performance.

A more detailed description of the program will follow.


Interested students please contact us so we can forward the detailed program and application procedures to you. 

E-mail: jasec@tuwien.ac.at