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2017-06-20 [



T.I.M.E. Double Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Recently TU Wien and Doshisha University in Kyoto signed a Double Degree Agreement within the T.I.M.E. Framework


T.I.M.E. stands for "Top Industrial Managers Europe" and is an association of several universities around the globe including top-institutions in Japan. 

The main difference to other exchange programs is that students will be awarded a degree from BOTH participating universities upon completion. Additionally alumnis may apply for a T.I.M.E. label certificate which is highly acknowledged in the industry. The T.I.M.E. Double Degree is in itself an exciting experience. Prolonged study in another T.I.M.E. member institution, cultural and linguistic immersion, exposure to different study methids and learning approaches give the student in-depth personal training and development to complement and enrich her/his scientific studies.

For details please take a look at this page: https://jasec.tuwien.ac.at/mobility_outgoing/double_degree_programs/EN/