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2020-10-27 [



Invitation Online Lecture: The Protection of “Groups of Traditional Buildings”

Japanese Traditional Townscapes between Memory Work and Commodification; Online Lecture on Oct. 30, 09:00-10:00am (CET)

Unlike in Europe, there is no natural link between the culture of memory and the preservation of ancient buildings in their original state in Japan. However, due the disappearance of many traditional ensembles during the post-war decades, Japanese authorities adopted the principle of “protection zones of groups of traditional buildings” (Dentōteki Kenzōbutsu-gun Hozon-chiku) 建造 保存 地区 in 1975. Since their designation, areas such as Yame (Fukuoka) and Kawagoe (Saitama), have experienced significant socio-spatial and economic transformations. As major tourist attractions, they reveal differences but also similarities between Japanese and Western approaches to protection of townscape heritage.  


Access via: https://www.mfj.gr.jp/agenda/2020/10/30/japarchi/ 

Barbara RIEF VERNAY (architect, urban planner, PhD- urban geography, researcher and lecturer at the JASEC (Japan Austrian Science Exchange Center of the Technical University of Vienna / Austria )

Nubuo MISHIMA (architect, urban planner, PhD -urban planning, deputy director of the Regional Planning Center of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Saga / Japan