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2020-04-29 [



Adapting next NII International Internship Call

Due to the Cornoavirus pandemic some alterations had to be made regarding the next calls for the NII Internship.

The FY2020 1st call for NII International Internship Program would have been published by these days, but due to the coronavirus crisis, NII is adapting the application procedure to take all necessary time for the (re)organization of the internship students selection, at both sides. 

As a consequence, instead of splitting the Internship selections over two calls, NII is planning a unique single call later in the year, in which all NII Internship Programs for 2020 will be decided. 
We will keep you informed about the details of this single call, when the current Japanese state emergency comes to an end (it is currently set until May 6, but might be updated).