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2019-12-05 [



Visit by representatives of JAIST and Yamanashi Prefectural University

Promising talks about possible scientific exchange in the field of materials science.

On December 5, 2019 JASEC staff met with Dr. Takashi Masuda from JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Dr. Ayumu Sugiyama from Yamanashi Prefectural University and Yoshimi Goetzl-Nakamura from Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH to discuss possible fields of scientific cooperation.

Dr. Masuda is expert on Liquid Materials, Intermolecular Forces, Printed Electronics and Dyeing Chemistry and his scientific work matches TU Wien's research focal area Materials and Matter. We hope to establish further ties to his prestigious institute.

From left to right: Ayumu Sugiyama (Yamanashi Prefectural University), Takashi Masuda (JAIST), Yoshimi Goetzl-Nakamura (Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH), Iris Mach (JASEC, TU Wien), Thomas Rief (JASEC, TU Wien)