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Summer School at the University of Tokyo

Apply now for a short research stay at one of UTokyo's labs

The University of Tokyo - ESEP2020
Engineering Summer Education Program 

The summer program at the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program), is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in scientific research projects at world-leading laboratories. Students from partner universities are eligible to participate.

1. Description

The program aims to give undergraduate and graduate students from the partner universities and the designated institutions the chance to gain short-term research experience in scientific fields. Students will build their researching skills and expand their international networks. Students will also have the opportunity to work with Japanese students to build friendships and share knowledge they can use in further collaborative efforts.
While the full-time laboratory program is five to six weeks long (depending on the laboratory the student belongs to), the program also provides students with chances to learn about the Japanese culture and language. Additionally, summer program students are welcome to use the UTokyo campus facilities (libraries, health center, gymnasium).
At the conclusion of the program, participants must give a presentation in their laboratory and complete a report. Program participants will receive a Completion Certificate provided the report has been submitted. Participants will not receive academic credits, units, or grades for their participation.

1. Schedule

June 8, 2020 to July 17, 2020 (6 weeks)
Due to 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we’ve set the start date earlier than usual by 2-3weeks. Program start date is fixed and all laboratories will have the same program period in 2020. Applicants must start the program on June 8, 2020.

2. Host Lab and Research Topics

Participants will belong to one of the listed laboratories from the School of Engineering.
See List of Host Laboratories

3. Eligibility

Applicants must satisfy all below eligibility requirements (a-f):
a) Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at TU Wien.
b) Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least two full years of study in a bachelor’s degree program by the time the summer program begins. Applicants must remain enrolled at their current home university/institution until the ESEP program ends. If an applicant is in the last year of their degree program, they should be graduating after July 17, 2020.
c) Applicants must have a strong record of excellent academic performance.
d) Applicants must have a high level of English proficiency.
e) Applicants should be interested in pursuing a Ph.D.
f) Applicants must not have taken part in this summer program before.

4. Participation Requirements

a) Applicants must be able to start the program on June 8, 2020 and attend the program for its entire duration.
b) When UTokyo provides participants with accommodations, participants must live in their assigned accommodations.
c) Participants must dedicate themselves fully to participation in the summer program.
d) Participants may not take any courses or be employed during the program.
e) Participants must respect the work of all laboratory members, participate in activities in the laboratory (including daily life activities), and attend laboratory meetings/gatherings.
f) Participants must attend all required activities and social events.
g) At the conclusion of the program, participants must submit a program report to the School of Engineering.
h) Participants must secure overseas travel insurance in their home countries before coming to Japan. The insurance must cover medical expenses for injuries, illnesses, and personal liabilities.

5. Number of participants

  Maximum 20 students

6. Financial support

・Stipend: JPY 160,000 (It may be provided about 10 days after the program start date in cash.)

・Accommodation: off-campus accommodation will be provided by UTokyo.

7. Applications

Applicants must be nominated by JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at) before applying through the T-cens online application system. 


8. Application Deadline

Internal Application Deadline: 9.1.2020
Application Deadline at the University of Tokyo: 20.1.2020

For more details about the program and the application information, please check this website.