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Montag, 2020-09-07


Der kostenlose Workshop besteht aus 7 Einheiten und findet einmal pro Woche auf der HP (https://www.at.emb-japan.go.jp) und Facebook der Japanischen Botschaft (https://www.facebook.com/JapanEmb.Austria) statt. Mehr

Montag, 2020-08-24


Beginn: Freitag, 11. September, ab 15:00 Mehr

Donnerstag, 2020-08-06

Asia's New Ruralities - Online Conference

Online Conference @ University of Vienna | 12–13 August 2020 Mehr

Mittwoch, 2020-06-24

Canon Research Fellowship to Europe & Japan

Deadline extended to 15 February 2021 for research starting in 2021 Mehr

Montag, 2020-06-22

Stipendium der Japanischen Regierung

Monbukagakusho:MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Mehr

Montag, 2020-05-18

Summer Program 2020 is now postponed to February 2021

Please note that 2020 Ocha Summer program was originally scheduled in June 2020 but is now postponed to February 2021 due to the influences of COVID-19. Mehr

Donnerstag, 2020-05-07

Kyoto Startup Summer School cancelled

With deep regret, we must inform you that Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020 has been cancelled due to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2020-04-29

Adapting next NII International Internship Call

Due to the Cornoavirus pandemic some alterations had to be made regarding the next calls for the NII Internship. Mehr

Montag, 2020-03-16

Countrywide lockdown

From Monday, March 16 access to the buildings of the TU Wien will only be possible in urgent situations. The buildings will be locked! Mehr