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Mittwoch, 2017-08-16

7th International Students Forum at Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University would like to invite two TU Wien students who are interested to discuss about migration and give a presentation about the population movement. The course is going to be in English but it is required a conversational-level Japanese for daily life. Mehr

Montag, 2017-08-14

Scholarship Supported Workshop in Tokyo at Shibaura Institute of Technology

Students from Japan and overseas partner universities working as tag teams will discuss and solve problems presented by Japanese corporations and organizations. Monday, December 11 through Thursday, December 21 Mehr

Freitag, 2017-08-11

Award of Excellence for TU Wien team at LIXIL international student competition in Tokyo

After winning the award in the competition in April this year, the project has now been published in the prestigious Japanese architecture magazine Shinkenchiku. Mehr

Donnerstag, 2017-08-10

Visit by Prof. Takada from the University of Tokyo

Prof. Tsuyoshi Takada, long-term cooperation partner and program coordinator at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo attended the ICOSSAR 2017 conference in Vienna and used the opportunity to meet TUW Rector, Prof. Seidler and JASEC staff. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2017-07-05

Application period has started for incoming students

Students and researchers from our Japanese Partner Universities have the possibility to study and conduct research at Austria’s largest technical, scientific education and research institution. Mehr

Freitag, 2017-06-30

Summer School | IoT - Big Data - Cloud – Security

INNES Institute Vienna, partner of TU Wien, offers Summer Schools and language courses for exchange students and locals Mehr

Montag, 2017-06-26

We are now accepting applications for our Joint Study Program | Japan

TU Wien students have the possibility to study and research at one of our 14 partner universities and research institutions in Japan Mehr

Dienstag, 2017-06-20

T.I.M.E. Double Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Recently TU Wien and Doshisha University in Kyoto signed a Double Degree Agreement within the T.I.M.E. Framework Mehr

Freitag, 2017-06-16

Successful cooperation between TU Wien and KIT continues

We are happy to announce that the very active scientific cooperation with the Kyoto Institute of Technology has been renewed for another 5 years! Mehr

Mittwoch, 2017-06-14

Our new JASEC folder is out now!

The bilingual folder is available for download from our website Mehr