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Summer Schools

Important Note:
Please consult with JASEC staff before applying to any of the summer schools offered by our partner universities!




Kyoto Startup Summer School 2020 - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 SITUATION!

Kyoto Startup Summer School (KS3 for short), Japan's most intense and international summer program on entrepreneurship and innovation is back!

KS3 is a two-week program with a variety of modules (workshops, lectures, mixers, panel discussions, company visits, etc.) taught and facilitated by established entrepreneurs, practitioners, venture capitalists, and academics coming from around the world. This is your opportunity to learn hands-on entrepreneurial skills and experience startup life.

KS3 is based in the historical city of Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan with over 2000 temples and shrines. In addition to being the center of tourism in Japan, Kyoto is an important hub for the information technology and electronics industry. This is the city where alongside traditional craft workshops, one can find world class companies and startups.

In the last four years, over 120 participants from 40+ countries joined
KS3 creating a truly global community. Come join the future change makers in Japan this summer!

For more information and to apply, visit the KS3 website at http://www.kyotostartupschool.org/

This Summer School has been cancelled due to the Covid19 situation!


Thomas Sun, International Marketing and Recruitment, KS3 | ks3-organizer@d-lab.kit.ac.jp


Summer School of Asian & European Design-Lab (AEDL) 
Asian Rim International Seminar, 2020



  • Duration: 8 days in September
  • Venue: Hizen-hama-shuku, Kashima-city, Saga, Japan
  • Organizer: Prof. Dr. Nobuo Mishima, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yujin Hirase, Saga University
  • Eligibility: TU Wien architecture students (Master or Bachelor)
  • Topic: Revitalization and renovation of local traditional area
  • Participation Fee: JPY 25.000 (~EUR 200,-) which includes accomodation and meals.
  • Airfare, transportation costs and other expenses have to paid by the participants.
  • If applicants have a GPY better than 2.3 a scholarship of JPY 80.000 can be provided by Saga University.
  • There are 5 available spots for TU Wien Architecture and Planning students.

How to apply: 

  • Application Deadline: May/April 2020 (not fixed yet)
  • Send your CV, a Motivation Letter and your transcript of records (Sammelzeugnis) to jasec@tuwien.ac.at


Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2020 

Hokkaido University will open for the application of Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2020 from February 2020.
HSI is a program that brings together leading researchers with proven educational and research track records from around the world, and provides courses in collaboration with HU faculty members.

Courses: over 150 courses ranging from bachelor to PhD level during the summer (June - October) 2020

TU Wien students are waived the tuition fees at HU as long as they enroll in at least one course provided by the School of Engineering.  

varies -> depends on the selected courses (see website)

Application Period:
February 3 - February 21, 2020

Student from overseas institutions seeking accommodation for a week or more can apply for a place at a HU student dormitory during early application in February. HU dormitory is not generally available to applicants for the 2nd-4th application.

For details, please visit the website:


Summer Program 2020 is now postponed to February 2021
Ochanomizu University (Tokyo)

Ocha Summer Program for Global Leaders - February 6th - 20th, 2021

The provided courses are: 

  1. Culture and Society Course
  2. Japanese Language Course

Please navigate to the program page for detailed information on each course and the program.

Interested TU Wien students have to get in touch with JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at) prior to applying at Ochanomizu University as all applicants have to be nominated by JASEC!  

All TU Wien students who are currently enrolled (undergraduate and graduate students)

Internal Application Deadline:
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Application Documents:
Confirmation of Registration at TU Wien (Studienbestätigung),
Academic Transcript (Sammelzeugnis),
Passport Copy,
Motivation Letter and CV

Costs & Scholarship:
Tuition fee is waived for TU Wien students.
However, an application fee of JPY 10.000 (~ EUR 80,-) has to be paid by each applicant.
Travelling costs to Tokyo, accommodation fee, and living costs (daily meal, transportation from the accommodation to Ochanomizu University, etc.) must be paid by students.
Depending on circumstances, scholarships may be awarded to selected students.

Download the program folder here for detailed information!

For further information, please check the program web site:


The University of Tokyo - ESEP2020
Engineering Summer Education Program 

The summer program at the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program), is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in scientific research projects at world-leading laboratories. Students from partner universities are eligible to participate.

1. Description

The program aims to give undergraduate and graduate students from the partner universities and the designated institutions the chance to gain short-term research experience in scientific fields. Students will build their researching skills and expand their international networks. Students will also have the opportunity to work with Japanese students to build friendships and share knowledge they can use in further collaborative efforts.
While the full-time laboratory program is five to six weeks long (depending on the laboratory the student belongs to), the program also provides students with chances to learn about the Japanese culture and language. Additionally, summer program students are welcome to use the UTokyo campus facilities (libraries, health center, gymnasium).
At the conclusion of the program, participants must give a presentation in their laboratory and complete a report. Program participants will receive a Completion Certificate provided the report has been submitted. Participants will not receive academic credits, units, or grades for their participation.

1. Schedule

June 8, 2020 to July 17, 2020 (6 weeks)
Due to 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we’ve set the start date earlier than usual by 2-3weeks. Program start date is fixed and all laboratories will have the same program period in 2020. Applicants must start the program on June 8, 2020.

2. Host Lab and Research Topics

Participants will belong to one of the listed laboratories from the School of Engineering.
See List of Host Laboratories

3. Eligibility

Applicants must satisfy all below eligibility requirements (a-f):
a) Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at TU Wien.
b) Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least two full years of study in a bachelor’s degree program by the time the summer program begins. Applicants must remain enrolled at their current home university/institution until the ESEP program ends. If an applicant is in the last year of their degree program, they should be graduating after July 17, 2020.
c) Applicants must have a strong record of excellent academic performance.
d) Applicants must have a high level of English proficiency.
e) Applicants should be interested in pursuing a Ph.D.
f) Applicants must not have taken part in this summer program before.

4. Participation Requirements

a) Applicants must be able to start the program on June 8, 2020 and attend the program for its entire duration.
b) When UTokyo provides participants with accommodations, participants must live in their assigned accommodations.
c) Participants must dedicate themselves fully to participation in the summer program.
d) Participants may not take any courses or be employed during the program.
e) Participants must respect the work of all laboratory members, participate in activities in the laboratory (including daily life activities), and attend laboratory meetings/gatherings.
f) Participants must attend all required activities and social events.
g) At the conclusion of the program, participants must submit a program report to the School of Engineering.
h) Participants must secure overseas travel insurance in their home countries before coming to Japan. The insurance must cover medical expenses for injuries, illnesses, and personal liabilities.

5. Number of participants

  Maximum 20 students

6. Financial support

・Stipend: JPY 160,000 (It may be provided about 10 days after the program start date in cash.)

・Accommodation: off-campus accommodation will be provided by UTokyo.

7. Applications

Applicants must be nominated by JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at) before applying through the T-cens online application system. 


8. Application Deadline

Internal Application Deadline: 9.1.2020
Application Deadline at the University of Tokyo: 20.1.2020

For more details about the program and the application information, please check this website.







Summer Program 2019 - University of Tokyo 

The School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo will be holding its 2019 Summer Program, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program) from June 24 to August 9, 2019. This program offers top-class international undergraduate and graduate students a short-term research experience in the basic and translational sciences in their world-leading laboratories.

1. Schedule

5-6 weeks between June 24, 2019 and August 9, 2019.
Program start dates and durations vary depending on laboratory.

2. Applicants

  Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least two full years of study in a bachelor's

  degree program by the time the program begins.

  Applicants must remain enrolled at their current home university until the ESEP program ends.

3. Number of participants

  Maximum 20 students

4. Financial support

・Stipend: JPY 160,000

・Accommodation: off-campus accommodation

5. Applications

Applicants must be nominated by JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at) before applying through the T-cens online application system. 


6. Application period

Internal Application Deadline: 16.1.2019
Application Deadline at the University of Tokyo: 24.1.2019

This program is not related to exchange students program under agreement with partner universities.

Regardless of the number of applicants, any eligible student wishing to participate can apply (as an individual) through our online system. 

For more details about the program and the application information, please check this website.



Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Summer School 2019 For SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Under the CAMPUS Asia Initiative of the governments of Japan, China and South Korea, Tokyo Tech is an active participant in and contributor to the TKT CAMPUS Asia Consortium, a joint education and research program with Tsinghua University and KAIST. In our Summer School 2019, as part of the Consortium's activities, we offer two types of Summer Program: a Course-Oriented Program for undergraduate students, and a Research-Oriented Program for undergraduate and graduate students. In the Summer School, students from countries outside Asia will also participate.

Application Guideline



A) COURSE-ORIENTED July 3 - July 30, 2019 (4 weeks)

The Course-Oriented Program consists of a trip, lectures, team projects, site visits and more. Beginning the program is the trip to Kamakura in which summer school participants from all over the world, including Tokyo Tech students, will join to get to know each other. A certificate will be issued after successfully completing the program. To facilitate the recognition of credits at students' home universities, Tokyo Tech will also issue an official academic record to those who have taken courses.

Program Calendar 2019 [Course-Oriented] (tentative)

Course Syllabi (tentative)


B) RESEARCH-ORIENTED July 3 - Sept. 10 (10 weeks)

The program starts with a trip to Kamakura to get to know each other. Participants in the Research-Oriented Program will conduct research projects in Tokyo Tech labs under the guidance of faculty members. In addition, they will enroll in two courses; Communicating Science and Engineering in Society and Modern Japan & 21st Century Skills. A certificate will be issued after successfully completing the program. To facilitate the recognition of credits at students' home universities, Tokyo Tech will also issue an official academic record to those who have taken courses.

Program Calendar 2019 [Research-Oriented] (tentative)

Students will join laboratories and conduct supervised research. Please use the links below to search for professors (holding the title of Professor or Associate Professor) whose academic expertise closely mirrors your research interests.

Schools and Departments of Tokyo Tech

Tokyo Tech Research 2017-2018

Tokyo Tech STAR Search (Researcher Finder)

Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2) 

Fees (Course Oriented):
JPY 50.000 Program Fee + JPY 140.000 Accommodation Fee

Fees (Research Oriented):
JPY 50.000 Program Fee + JPY 240.000 Accommodation Fee


Download PDF

Internal Application Deadline:

Monday, January 28, 2019

Applicants must be nominatd by JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at) 


Tokyo Tech Summer Program 

In 2019, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) offers a research-oriented program for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue individual research projects under Tokyo Tech faculty supervision.

In addition, participants will have opportunities to learn about Japanese culture while experiencing life in one of the most exciting and technologically-advanced cities in the world.

Program Period:
10 weeks from June 4 - August 8, 2019

・Undergraduate students majoring in science and engineering-related fields who have completed their second year at the time of participation
・Graduate students in science and engineering-related fields

*Participants must have student status at their home university during their period of study at Tokyo Tech.

Program Details:
Participants will conduct individual research projects under the guidance of Tokyo Tech faculty members in faculty laboratories. They will also participate in a compulsory Japan Studies course and have the option of taking a beginner-level Japanese language course.

Research Project - 2 credits (compulsory)
Japan Studies course - 2 credits (compulsory)
Japanese for Beginners course - 1 credit (optional)
・Site visits, Japanese cultural experiences, and activities with Tokyo Tech students

Program Fee:
50.000 JPY

Accommodation Fee:
220,000 - 250,000 JPY in total *subject to change
Note that off-campus accommodations will be reserved by Tokyo Tech.
Participants may not choose accommodations.

A limited number of qualified students will receive a JASSO or Tokyo Tech Fund scholarship.
Those selected to receive the scholarships will be notified one or two months before the start of the program.

Participants are required to purchase Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students as well as Personal Liability Insurance for Students (cost: 1,340 JPY in total) upon arrival. Participants are asked to purchase overseas travel insurance before traveling to Japan.

Applicants must be nominatd by JASEC (jasec@tuwien.ac.at)

Internal Application Deadline:
December 20, 2018

Additional Information:





KIT Electronics Summer School 2019 - Kyoto Institute of Technology 

This program provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and learn with students from different regions of the world. In the program, the students studying electronics-related fields improve their English communication skills, understand intercultural differences better, are motivated to study abroad, and most of all, deepen their knowledge in electronics through the program. .

From June 17th to June 28th, 2019 at KIT and around Kyoto City, Japan

This program is organized by Assoc. Prof. Kazuo Takahashi, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Kyoto Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Prof. Laifa Boufendi, Polytech Orleans, University of Orleans.


In this program, the students: 

- design and construct systems with the Arduino* in group works. 

- find a mission in the campus and around Kyoto city, and realize the system with the Arduino to be used for the mission. The mission is assumed to be contribution to our lives with e.g., convenience, health, safety, happiness, and so on.

- get a chance to join the Plasma Nanotechnology Seminar, which gives courses and laboratory works for plasma physics, chemistry and engineering as an example of plasma etching process.

* Arduino is a platform of open source for electronics, a tool realizing ideas to make electronic circuits and available for driving electrical, optical, mechanical devices (LED, photodiode, motor, some sensors, and so on. ( https://www.arduino.cc/ 

Students enrolled full time in a degree program of program-partner universities worldwide.
The number of overseas students is limited to maximum 27. 

Language of instruction is English.
The students also enjoy learning different languages through the interactions with other students from various countries to enhance communication ability and diversity of multi-lingual, multi-cultural circumstances this program offers. enrolled full time in a degree program of program-partner universities worldwide. 


Fully financial support on program fee, materials and equipment.
Each student is responsible for the following expenses: 

-international flights
-airport transportation to and from KIT
-meals and personal purchases
-travel insurance 

Financial Support

The following financial assistance may be available for those who meet the requirements below after the selection by KIT International Center. Funds will be granted in JPY to students upon their arrival at KIT. 

A: JASSO (Japan Student Support Organization) Scholarship  

Scholarship amount: 80,000 JPY/student (The number of availability is limited.) 

B: KIT International Exchange Promotion Fund  

Scholarship amount: 50,000 JPY/ student 

To receive the scholarship A or B, applicants must meet all of the following criteria: 

1) Applicants must be high-achieving students in their home institutions with a GPA of 2.3 points or more in the previous year to receive the above scholarship A. (See the GPA calculation chart on the last page.)

2) Applicants must participate in the whole program.

3) Applicants must have financial difficulty in participating in this program without this financial assistance.

4) Outside of this KIT financial assistance, applicants must not have monthly financial assistance or scholarships amounting to more than the amount of the monthly KIT financial assistance.

Internal application deadline: February 11, 2019

Please send your applications to Thomas from JASEC by Feb 11 (thomas.rief@tuwien.ac.at). We will evaluate the application documents and forward the applications to the Ochanomizu University. All applicants must be nominated by JASEC - individual applications will not be accepted.

Accommodation is arranged by KIT (See PDF for details)

Please check out the PDF folder