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JASEC Office

Gusshausstrasse 30, 1040 Vienna

Access via drive-in, first door on the right

Room no. FBZE02

T: +43 1 58801 406107
T: +43 1 58801 406108

F: +43 1 58801 9406108


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Japan Austria Science Exchange Center

Interdisciplinary support unit for the coordination of scientific exchange between the faculties of TU Wien and Japanese research institutions

JASEC coordinates the scientific cooperation between all faculties of TU Wien and Japanese partner institutions and overtakes the responsibilities of the former Key Station which previously supervised scientific exchange program with the University of Tokyo since 1981. In addition to fostering the mobility of researchers and teaching staff JASEC also supports students of both countries in the framework of university partnerships. The difference in language, mentality and curricula are sometimes barriers for an active exchange. However, the long-lasting and very successful cooperation of the TU Wien with Japanese partner institutions provides evidence that these barriers can be overcome.


  • Research support for joint projects
  • Coordination of partnerships with Japanese universities
  • Assistance and consulting for researchers, teaching staff and students of both countries before and during their stay
  • Information about scholarships of Japanese partner universities and 3rd party funds
  • Focus of research and education in the framework of the TU cooperation center for disaster mitigation and security in buildings
  • Japanese language courses for students of all faculties (e.g. as preparation for a research stay in Japan)



Dienstag, 2019-02-12

Ochanomizu University Summer Program 2019

Ochanomizu University will host the Summer Program 2019 from July 27 to August 9. No Tuition Fee for TU Wien students! Mehr

Mittwoch, 2019-01-30

Japanische Anime-Filmtage

Wie bereits im vergangenen Jahr, veranstaltet das Japanische Informations- und Kulturzentrum von 12. - 21. Februar 2019 japanische Anime-Filmtage. Mehr

Montag, 2018-12-17

Hokkaido Summer Institute 2019

139 courses, 116 courses for graduate students and 23 courses for undergraduate students, will be offered by HU faculties and more than 160 world-leading researchers from over 100 institutions around the world in 2019. No-Tuition Fee for TU Wien Students! Mehr

Dienstag, 2018-12-11

KIT Electronics Summer School 2019 - Kyoto Institute of Technology

This program provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and learn with students from different regions of the world. In the program, the students studying electronics-related fields improve their English communication skills, understand intercultural differences better, are motivated to study abroad, and most of all, deepen their knowledge in electronics through the program. Mehr

Montag, 2018-12-10

Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Summer School 2019 For SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Under the CAMPUS Asia Initiative of the governments of Japan, China and South Korea, Tokyo Tech is an active participant in and contributor to the TKT CAMPUS Asia Consortium, a joint education and research program with Tsinghua University and KAIST. In our Summer School 2019, as part of the Consortium's activities, we offer two types of Summer Program: a Course-Oriented Program for undergraduate students, and a Research-Oriented Program for undergraduate and graduate students. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2018-11-14

Forestry, Landscape Changes and Woody Biomass use in Japan

Prof. Koji HARASHINA from Iwate University is currently spending a sabbatical leave at the BOKU in Vienna. Nearing the end of his stay, he will give a short lecture at JASEC about his current and ongoing research topics in the field of landscape ecology and resource management. Mehr

Donnerstag, 2018-11-08

Tokyo Tech Summer Program 2019

In 2019, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) offers a research-oriented program for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue individual research projects under Tokyo Tech faculty supervision. Mehr

Donnerstag, 2018-11-08

The University of Tokyo Summer School

The School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo will be holding its 2019 Summer Program, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program) from June 24 to August 9, 2019. This program offers top-class international undergraduate and graduate students a short-term research experience in the basic and translational sciences in their world-leading laboratories. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2018-11-07

Teekunst- und Kimonovorführung

Jubiläumsveranstaltung: TEEKUNST- UND KIMONOVORFÜHRUNG mit der japanischen Teemeisterin Akiko (Somei) Fuhrmann Mehr

Dienstag, 2018-11-06

TU Wien International – Study Fair on Nov. 20, 2018

TU Wien’s International Office is organizing the international study fair every year to inform students on exchange opportunities. Mehr