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International Student Seminar

This seminar was created for hosting short workshops with Japanese partner universities. The course aims on elaborating specific topics which have to be investigated in Vienna. In addition to the research objective, the intensive teamwork leads to a better intercultural understanding and improves social and communication skills.


International Student Seminar 2020

057.007 | 2020S | SE | 3.0ECTS

 8 days (course has been postponed due to the current Covid-19 situation)
Topic: Rethinking Urban Wilderness - Alternative Green Spaces in Vienna

This seminar is tailored to students from Saga University but we invite also local TU Wien students to join this course. After two days of lectures and excursions in Vienna, the task will be to propose architectural improvements for the so called "Stadtwildnis Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel". Due to the large green space, this area has potential to be an attractive recreational space. However, at the mement this space seems to be quite isolated by major roads and intersections with heavy car traffic. On the other side it also provides much potential with subway stations closeby, possible access to the Wien river and Connection to Vienna'a bicycle road system.

After 5 days of intensive work, each group will present their proposal on Wednesday March 18.

Preliminary Schedule:

  • course has been postponed due to the current Covid-19 situation

Download Program and Schedule:

  • course has been postponed due to the current Covid-19 situation


  • Send an email to jasec@tuwien.ac.at with a short motivation letter.
  • Eligible students: TU Wien Bachelor or Master students (Architecture or Planning)
  • Required skills: We are Looking for open-minded students with good communication skills
  • Course Language: English   




The International Student Seminar in December 2019 was hosted for students from Yokohama National University and local students from TU Wien

057.009 | 2019W | SE | 3.0ECTS

1 intensive week (9.12.2019 - 16.12.2019)
Topic: Vienna - City of Music, Art and Architecture
Video Link: https://youtu.be/2BtuCNifZWs

The seminar has highlighted the cultural development and cultural represenations of the city from the early modern time to the present. Lectures and excursions in Vienna elaborated the historical context of the urban development.
Local and international students joined the group of Japanese students from Yokohama National University.

Entrance fees for the excursions in Vienna (e.g. museum visits) will be charged individually. This will only be a small amount.
All participants are invited for the weclome party and farwell dinner at JASEC's expense.

Examination modalities:
Group Presentation on one of the presented focus Points.   


The International Student Seminar in March 2019 was hosted by TU Wien and HLRS
for architecture students from Saga University and local students from TU Wien

A mixed group of architecture students from TU Wien (Austria) and Saga University (Japan) had the common task to design a student hub at TU Wien's campus Getreidemarkt with workplaces and catering for students.

The four groups with local and Japanese participants had only one week in Vienna to develop a basic design concept and acquire the necessary knowledge in 3D planning and visualisation before continuing the workshop in Stuttgart. The High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) in Stuttgart not only houses one of the most powerful HPCs in Europe but also accommodates a highly specialized visualisation department with world leading experts on virtual and augmented reality. Experiencing the digital architectural models in a 3D virtual environment was truly a unique opportunity for the participants and our staff.  
We cannot thank our colleagues in Stuttgart enough for their outstanding support and hospitality! This project would have not been possible without Uwe and Fabian from HLRS.

Video (YouTube)
Video (Facebook)
Final Presentation Group A (PDF)
Final Presentation Group B (PDF)
Final Presentation Group C (PDF)
Final Presentation Group D (PDF)


Previous Workshop with Saga University in March 2018

The International Student Seminar 2018 was hosted for architecture students from Saga University and local students from TU Wien.  

A small design task has been elaborated and presented as group work. 

Final Presentation (Animated GIF)

Final Presentation (PDF)